PRIME AE Group, Inc. provides a full range of engineering services in transportation, civil, structural, water resources engineering, technology as well as construction management, construction inspection, and architecture. The firm’s philosophy of Connecting, Creating, Conserving, and Community forms the foundation for delivering high-quality, on-time, cost-effective solutions.

Connecting. In everything we do, we strive to make our local communities better places to live and work. PRIME AE Group connects people and places. Whether it’s a highway or a simple sidewalk to a neighbor’s home, we know the importance of bringing people together in today’s busy world.

Creating. We create new opportunities by helping our clients find solutions that make the most of their resources in the built environment. Our architects, engineers and construction teams provide the infrastructure, facilities and amenities needed to create world-class communities.

Conserving. We never forget the importance of conservation. Protecting our natural resources is critical to the future of our communities and impacts the way we design roads, bridges, utilities and buildings. At PRIME AE Group, we consider sustainable design features in every project we undertake.

Community. Our mission at PRIME AE Group is to enhance, maintain, and improve our communities in a responsible manner using innovative, sustainable, and sound architectural and engineering principles.

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